• CNC processing

    4MET sp. z o.o. has been supplying parts for the automotive industry for many years. The technologies applied guarantee high precision in metalworking and plastic processing. We provide the services of machining by means of modern and precise CNC machines. Numerically controlled machine tools guarantee top accuracy – additionally supported by modelling parts on a computer screen with an option of controlling all or some operating parameters. For materials which are too hard for CNC milling but which require dimensioning with accuracy to µm, we use effective wire cutting machines.

  • The projects implemented include:
  • - processing of parts for the automotive industry
  • - manufacturing of working elements for stamping tools and injection
  • - manufacturing parts for machines and devices in the machine industry
  • - mounting tools for heat-sealing and welding
  • - shape and dimension gauges

  • The most important objective of 4MET is to supply to our Customers with perfectly dimensioned and repeatable parts (also in the case of large batches of products). We care for the timely fulfilment of orders. We also share our knowledge and experience eagerly when our Customers turn to us for advice.